In the Brückenkeller the joy of food and drink goes far beyond the need and satisfaction for hunger and thirst. To take in wine becomes indulgence of the spirit. The social meal at a baptism or a wedding, the feast and the improvisation of exhilarating encounters reveal in the ceremonial of refined wine consumption its proper cultic meaning.

Frankfurt am Main, in which since olden times the big streets from north to south and east to west converged, is today with its Rhein-Main-Airport a significant hub for world traffic. International fairs increase the constant stream of visitors. A wine-restaurant  so unique enjoys a good reputation worldwide, bears a big responsibility.

A lot of great chefs have been shaped here and have been released into the world of gastronomy, first of all Auguste Escoffier. First one then two Michelin-Stars graced this house, until a new philosophy came in 1996, with its culinary rather modest but refined and cosmopolitan cuisine.

The big winecellar with over 10.000 bottles, the gorgeous rooms for 10 to 250 guests, the OLD WINECABINET and our pleasant staff convey the feeling to experience beauty at first hand to every single guest.

An event, big or small, always radiates the philosophy of authenticity and goodness in the Brückenkeller!