Famous Guests

It is no small wonder that the Brückenkeller became the home of so many life-affirming people from all over the world. Frequenters from industry, art, science, trade and craft.

A lot of famous people have been guests of the Brückenkeller:

Peter Alexander (Austrian showmaster)
Idris Shah Alhaj (Sultan of Selangor)
Prinz Asfa Wossen Asserate (direct descendant of Emperor Haile Selassi) 
Eva Bartok (actress)
Paul Bocuse (second best chef of all time)
Walt Disney (creator of Micky Mouse)
Ludwig Erhard (politician)
Auguste Escoffier (best chef of all time)
Werner Fink (cabaret artist)
Gloria Gaynor (singer & bill-dodger)
Heinrich George (actor)
Uschi Glas (German actress)
August Grock (world-famous clown)
Bernard Grzimek (famous animal-expert of West-Germany)
Lilian Harvey (actress)
Paul von Hindenburg (President of the Reich)
Alfred Hitchcock (director)
Die Jacob Sisters (Frankfurts singing-quartet, today sadly trio)
Heinz-Peter Julius (Mr. Champagne)
Curd Jürgens (actor)
Udo Jürgens (composer and entertainer)
Hildegard Knef (actress)
Roland Koch (Chief Minister of Hessen)
Helmut Kohl (Chancelor)
Ruth Maria Kubitschek (German actress)
James Last (bandleader & musician)
Mireille Mathieu (French singer)
Reinhold Messner (extreme mountaineer)
Die Minstrels (Swiss band, "Frau Stirnimaa")
Marilyn Monroe (Hollywood actress)
Hans-Jürgen Moog (Mayor of Frankfurt)
Pelé (soccer-player)
General Augusto Pinochet  (President of Chile)
Elvis Presley (singer & soldier of Bad Nauheim)
Petra Roth (Mayor of Frankfurt)
Walter Scheel (Federal President & singer)
Heinz Schenk (German showmaster, Icon of Frankfurt
and ambassador of apple-wine)
Dr. Albert Schweitzer (Nobel peace laureate)
Ringo Starr (Beatle, drummer)
Dragoslav Stepanovic (Soccer Coach)
Günther Strack (German Actor)
Grethe Weiser (German Actress)