Chronicles of the Brückenkeller 3

Wehle, a name associated with gastronomy for generations, always following the vision to practice hospitality at its finest and to impart joy on its guests.

Great grandfather Alfred Wehle, headwaiter of the renowned Gasthof Zur Post in Nagold, celebrated hospitality in the middle of the 19th century.

Grandfather Friedrich Wehle was head of the spa hotel Zum Hirsch in Baden-Baden, later he took the helm of the family inn Zum Ochsen in Salzstetten near Horb.

After years of travel in France and England Father Hans Wehle came back home. He was bar chief in the famous Jimmy's Bar in Frankfurt. Later he introduced all his skill as a restaurateur into the Brückenkeller.

In 1982 Son Michael Wehle took over the reign of the house and lead it carefully in 1987 to its first and then in 1991 to its second Michelin Star to the culinary horizon of every restaurateur. Many other accolades and visits by famous personalities beget the restaurants reputation and calibre.

Today the Brückenkeller is with its aesthetic rooms very well suited for events, for business or pleasure. Dominic Wehle is the fifth generation which is in the service of the guest with passion and verve. Family-tradition and a historic place are his heartfelt commitments.